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Out of curiosity, I have a question, does one of these apply to you?

Boosts extra ok for sample size

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One #poll. 7 days.

Can we make all animals equal on 25% each?

Choose wisely.
Boost for support.

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For a home office, would you rather go with two monitors or with one ultrawide? Not sure what way to go with my planned new home office, since both have advantages and disadvantages.
If you care to let me know why you prefer one, it would be appreciated.

I mostly work of my laptop these days coding and doing administrative stuff like billing and finances....

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The most ambitious crossover event in NUMTOT history

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Vehicular Cycling!

I was on the Well There's Your Problem podcast discussing how all of your cycling problems can be solved by going 35 mph.

Warning: this podcast over 2陆 hours long, and is not recommended for people who like podcasts to stay on topic.



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